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Attention to counterfeits

Solo ricambi originali Without you knowing you could be fooled with counterfeit spare parts and then run into dangerous risks.
The counterfeit spare parts may in fact damage your product and compromise the olive oil campaign, both in terms of yield and quality, with dissatisfaction of your customers. In addition if you use counterfeit spare parts the warranty on your Pieralisi plant is not valid anymore.
The counterfeit spare parts do not have security certificates, are not subjected to testing of control and are not approved, the materials used usually do not comply with the regulations in terms of safety and environmental protection. Not only they are insafe for the integrity of your plant, but it is also a danger to your safety and the safety of the staff who work there. Do not take risks, buy Genuine Pieralisi Spare Parts directly from the dedicated website or from the official Pieralisi Service network. For you, Pieralisi certifies that the spare parts, their installation and the repair method used, comply with manufacturer's requirements and reflect the current regulations.